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"Olivia Josephine Care is a committed company with vision. Its success is due largely to the fact that we employ good talented people who offer their loyalty, commitment and hard work.
Paul Swithenbank CEO.

At The Willows we offer brilliant Career opportunities for all good staff If you would like to work for us, please send us a copy of your CV. Olivia Josephine Care places great emphasis on supporting its employees; we provides a full induction training and development record and give all employees the chance to develop long-term careers appropriate to their abilities and ambitions.

Our recruitment policy is to seek out and attract the very best people around - individuals who are practical, approachable and good communicators. Our people perform well at Olivia Josephine Care because they are given the space, time and responsibility to develop within a dynamic and cohesive team.

Induction Training

Having a structured approach to induction is an important matter. Equally important is recording it properly. Professional induction and training records are not only easy to use but provide the most logical way possible to record and evidence induction.
The main purpose of the induction process is to enable a new employee to become productive as quickly and effectively as possible. Each induction process will be tailored to the individual employee.

On the Job Training

Very often, new skills can be gained as part of on the job training by recently trained and/or more experienced colleagues. Employees will undergo this kind of training from time to time throughout their employment with the Company.

In House Training

From time to time, the Company will perform its own training in house and organise internal training courses. This form of training will often be triggered by the introduction of new equipment and working methods, and will be arranged when on the job training cannot be supplied.

External Training

External training may be provided in a variety of forms ranging from short courses of a few hours duration, through to lengthy courses leading to the award of qualifications. Where necessary, the Company will arrange for employees to undertake external training where possible.